Instant Pot  Chicken Alfredo

Step by step guide!

"This was one of my first recipes using my Instant Pot and it turned out great! The instructions were easy to follow and made me feel successful with my new kitchen appliance!" - Mom's Dinner Reader


Butter Garlic Chicken Broth Heavy Cream Lemon Juice & Zest Chicken Fettuccine Onion Powder Salt & Pepper Parmesan Cheese

Start a base of butter, garlic, broth, cream, lemon zest and juice.

Add the broken fettuccine noodles by crisscrossing them in the pot.

Top with chicken pieces and season with salt, pepper and onion powder.

Set the Instant pot to cook for 6 mins. then do a quick release.

Open the pot, give it a stir and let it rest for 5 minutes. Then add the parmesan cheese.

It mixes up creamy and delicious!!! Perfectly seasoned with lemon, garlic, parmesan and onion powder!

Your Dinner is ready!

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