Baked Italian Meatballs

"These Meatballs are worthy of your family dinner table! They will make you feel like an Italian Nonna in the kitchen!"

-Susie, Mom's Dinner

1. Make a panade using flavorful bread and milk. Keeps your meatballs juicy!

2. With clean hands smash the panade so it looks like mush.

Pro Tip: pulse your parmesan in a blender so it has a coarse texture!

3. Add the parmesan, EVOO, egg, and seasonings to the panade.

4. Finally add the ground pork and ground beef. Lightly mix.

5. Form your meatballs, use a measuring cup or ice cream scoop to make them evenly sized!

Bake on parchment for 30 minutes, 400 degrees.

Add your favorite marinara and it's time to eat!

Baked Italian  Meatballs

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